About us

Lux sh.p.k

The modern waste collection center is set up in the district of Lipjan / Lipljan, on the Lipjan-Shtime highway, Rr. Ibrahim Rugova on a surface of about 5000m2, equipped with the technology of time for gathering and waiting.

We are introducing a new firm in relationship between our company and international and local partners. The center has enough contracted quantities for each waste from the largest companies and from various businesses throughout the territory of Kosovo.

This has made us a reliable partner for buyers and companies across Kosovo, the transport fleet makes it more accurate to meet buyers' demands because we have safe transport when the goods are needed.

Also our company in the field of foreign relations deals with the fruit and vegetable transaport mainly from Greece and Albania with the most powerful companies such as Plomarits S.A; Vermios Fruits Petras Theodoros E.E.E; Elkos Agrar Lushnje Albania.